Family van der Vlist


Danny was born at 26 January 1979 Kleve (Germany), lived nine months in Kranenburg and then moved with his parents to Wijchen. In 1998 he moved into a student hostel in Nijmegen. After his study business administration at the Hogeschool at ’s Hertogenbosch and a number of years business administration and town and town-planning at the University of Nijmegen he started a military training at the KMA (royal military academy) in 2005. There he met Sabrina, they moved together in June 2007 and they married in September 2010. Both were as officers with the Dutch Airforce. At the summer of 2007 they have bought a house in Nijmegen. At 26 august 2011 their son Laurens was born there. June 2013 Danny left the Dutch Airforce and accepted a position with Hyster-Yale Group. Ten years after Danny had left the Dutch Air Force, he returned to the Ministry of Defence in October 2023.