Family van der Vlist


Kevin was born at 26 June 1983 in Nijmegen and lives in Wijchen ever since. At the age of 2 Kevin went to the kindergarten Stijntje Buis in Nijmegen and at the age of 7 changed to De Kom in Druten, a school for mentally disabled children. From September 2003 until January 2010 Kevin worked 3 days per week in an assembly plant “Bruggehoofd” in Grave and is placed at community centre “Wapen van Reek” for 2 days per week. After the close down of “Bruggehoofd” Kevin found a new job with Frekies Lunchcafé in Uden. . His secondment at community centre “Wapen van Reek” could be continued. Due to the cuts in transport of the disabled Kevin had to look for another place which was found in September 2014 at “Bisonder” in Wijchen. Kevin is a big fan of PSV and was personally invited to Eindhoven by Guus Hiddink in 2003 and his great idol Ronald Waterreus. Since January 2014, Kevin is a goalkeeper with the Voetbal Plus team of Sportclub Woezik. Care provider ’s Heerenloo has built an accommodation (Pleinzicht) at the Hoefsestraat in Wijchen. Since April 2011 Kevin has an apartment there.