Family van der Vlist


Marlies was born at 17 April 1954 in Bremervörde (Germany) and lived in Farven until 1963, where her brothers Uwe and Jürgen were born. In 1963 she moved to Zeven, were her sister Petra was born. Marlies went to school in Bremervörde and Zeven. In Kutenholz she was learning the profession of pharmacist’s assistant in the Niedersachsen-Apotheke. In 1970 she took a job with the Rats-Apotheke and switched a year later to the laboratory of the Nordmilch, both in Zeven. She married Pieter in 1973 in Zeven and build there their first house. In 1977 they move to Kranenburg were her first son Danny was born. In 1979 the family moved to the Dutch Wijchen. In 1983 her second son Kevin was born.The first years in the Netherlands Marlies mainly took care of her family. She worked from 1992 to 1995 with Dresco, completed a course for salesperson in a drugstore and worked later voluntary with the second-hand shop “Vraag en Aanbod” in Wijchen. From October 2007 up to May 2011 Marlies worked as a volunteer in the gift shop of the foundation De Driestroom. After the birth of her grandson Laurens she stopped doing her volunteer work to spend time with him. In September 2010 Marlies obtained the Dutch nationality. Since November 2018 Marlies is voluntarily working as a hostess at the Museum Kasteel Wijchen.